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  • November 13, 2023

How to choose suitable automotive silicone hoses?

How to choose suitable automotive silicone hoses? Automotive silicone hose is one of the very important parts in the car. It plays a vital role in the fluid transmission of the car. Choosing the right car silicone hose has a direct impact on the performance and service life of your car.

How to choose suitable automotive silicone hoses?


1. Material selection


The main material of automotive silicone hoses is silica gel, but different types of silica gel have different characteristics and application ranges. Common silicone materials include ordinary silicone, food-grade silicone and medical-grade silicone. Depending on your specific needs and usage, it’s important to choose the right material.


- Ordinary silicone: suitable for general automotive fluid transmission, has good high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and the price is relatively low.


- Food-grade silicone: suitable for automotive parts in contact with food, has food safety certification, is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and will not contaminate food.


- Medical grade silicone: suitable for medical equipment and special purpose automotive parts, with high strength, high transparency and excellent chemical resistance.


2. Specification selection


Choosing the appropriate specifications is key to ensuring your car silicone hose is compatible with other automotive components. When selecting specifications, parameters such as pipe inner diameter, wall thickness, length and bending radius need to be considered.


- Pipe inner diameter: According to the needs of automobile liquid transmission, select the appropriate inner diameter to ensure the smooth flow and flow rate of the liquid.


- Wall thickness: Wall thickness directly affects the pressure resistance of the silicone hose. Choose the appropriate wall thickness according to the use environment and liquid pressure.


- Length: Choose the appropriate length according to the needs of the specific application to ensure that the silicone hose can completely cover the required connection parts.


- Bending radius: The silicone hose may need to be bent during use. Choose an appropriate bending radius to avoid damage to the silicone hose or obstruction of liquid flow.


3. Quality inspection


How to choose suitable automotive silicone hoses? You must not only pay attention to the material and specifications, but also pay attention to quality inspection. Good silicone hoses should undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure their safety and reliability.


- Hardness test: 

The hardness test can determine the softness and wear resistance of the silicone hose.


- Temperature resistance test: 

Place the silicone hose in a high temperature environment to test its temperature resistance and thermal expansion coefficient.


- Pressure resistance test: 

The silicone hose is pressure tested to detect its pressure resistance and deformation resistance.


- Chemical resistance test: 

Expose the silicone hose to various chemicals to test its chemical resistance.


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